Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog #6 Taylor Wisnieski

The first "hot spot" I came across while reading "BROS BEFORE HOS" was that men subscribe to these standards because "..they want to be positively evaluated by other men"(Guy Code 47). This was startling to me because you only think of girls dressing and acting a certain way for other girls not guys subscribing to certain standards for other men. It later goes on to a quote from a man by the name of David Mamet, which happens to also be my second "hot spot". He says, "Women have, in men's minds, such a low place on the social ladder of this country that it's useless to define yourself in terms of a woman."(Mamet 47). This caught my attention right away because he is so demeaning towards women by saying that every man thinks this way and that women aren't worth giving approval, only men matter. I know many men who would ask their wives or girlfriends what they thought of what they were wearing and if the woman didn't approve the man would change because he would then second guess himself about it. After reading further into the paragraph Mamet says, "...women are for possessing, not for emulating"(Mamet 47), I started to get really angry because women are so much more than that and he makes it sound like every man thinks this way which I do not agree with at all.


  1. I also wrote about the part where it talked about how women are viewed. I was sort of offended by the way it described us in a man's world, too.

  2. I found the Mamet quote offensive as well, I don't think all men think like that but who knows. Mamet may have opened my eyes a little bit.