Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andrew Cierniak Blog #5

From the Haskins video, they use commercials to show the stereotypes of men being husbands. She talks about how incompetent men are in and around the house, even saying they screw up the family with out the wife's role. I see her overall goal of making this video, but the clips used were from commercials. All of the commercials were made to make people laugh and remember it, as well as the product being advertised. In the name of comedy, this is very funny for men and women alike. You can't reference comedy and apply it to real life, that's not how it works. In my opinion, i view all of these points relating to an non credible source.

The BITCH video made a little more sense. I can see where she is coming from, because they do make a lot of movies like she said. But are you really going to tell a writer how to write? Be creative? the answer is no. They wrote the scripts they way they wanted to, and that's how they wrote it, plan and simple. I'm sorry it offended her, but I think the last thing on they writer's mind was to oppress women. And on top of it, why did she just assume a man wrote it? It's a movie, not real life. Both these videos show sources from fake love stories and commercials, lets get serious.

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  1. Andy I completely agree with everything you have said here. Especially when you said she had no credible sources. These women are basing things off of commercials and movies... fiction