Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cayla Lepior Blog #6

           While reading “‘Bros Before Hos’: The Guy Code”, I found a number of things to be quite offensive, not only to men but to women as well. The first “hotspot” I came across was the discussion between boys about where they get these ideas. “Guys hear the voices of men in their lives—fathers, coaches, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, priests—to inform their ideas of masculinity” (Kimmel 47). I found this quote to be really interesting because guys turn to the most influential people in their lives for advice on how they should be as a person. I find it sad that when a young man is contemplating how he should act, he turns to the poor advice of influential men in his life. This really shows how much of an impact parents and role models make on young people, whether it is a positive or negative impact.
            A second “hotspot” I came across was when Kimmel discusses the common way among men to avoid being perceived as gay. “Just make sure that you walk, talk, and act in a different way from the gay stereotype; dress terribly; show no taste in art or music; show no emotions at all. Never listen to a thing a woman is saying, but express immediate and unquenchable sexual interest. Presto, you’re a real man” (Kimmel 49). I find this technique for looking “straight” to be really ironic. You will come off as a man who is sloppy, unemotional, and completely rude; however you will not appeal to any women whatsoever. This technique backfires on a man who is trying to meet people and form relationships, which are a majority of young men. This just shows how judgmental society is in our culture and the drastic measures people take to please others.


  1. I totally agree with what you said about when men behave like "real men"--totally unattractive. And I feel that men wouldn't have to try so hard to conform to these rules if society weren't so harsh.

  2. I think the "Of Mice an Men" quote said it best, when men are alone with a woman they act completely different than when another man is with them. It's like they have to prove himself the other guy.

  3. I agree the term of saying "That's so gay" has really changed in recent years, and personally i absolutely hate when people use that term