Monday, September 26, 2011

Importance of an Exploratory essay

While reading these two chapters I noticed that there are many important elements to writing an exploratory essay. One that caught my eye was "Contrasting Angle Of vision in Two Texts". This is because we all do this and don't really notice it. One side will be against and one will be for it. For example it says "select details that support your intentions; omit or de-emphasize others" (Ramage, Bean Johnson 54). This is basically saying that do what you have to do to prove your side right. Sometimes this will get interesting because of the things people say. It is doing what it takes to persuade your side right.

In chapter 5 I found the section "What Makes College-Level Reading Difficult" pretty interesting. This is because awhile back in one of my classes we were learning that students aren't prepared for college says professors but the teachers think we are. Now here is more things that is siding with the professors. It says college level readings are more difficult because we have lack of background knowledge. "Writing usually make assumptions about what their readers already know" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 95). I totally agree with this, most writers will ramble on about a particular subject thinking we know it. They should explain a little bit about it then go on with what they have to say about it.

The last element I found interesting was "Strong Response as Reflection". This is basically saying that "this invites you to connect the reading to your own personal experiences, beliefs, and values" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 108). This is true because the instructor is interested in how the story affected you personally. This allows you to be open-minded and musing.

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