Tuesday, September 20, 2011

'What Women are Really For' Blog #5

While watching the Haskins video on hot spot I found was when the husband was trying to make breakfast and she made the comment "spent five years trying to land this guy, the mother fuc*** can't even make breakfast" (28 seconds Haskins). I found this hilarious because honestly no guys can really cook, and if they can it's a shock. Guys tend to cook with way too much grease and she said that perfectly. So girls need to go for someone who can cook so they don't have to do it ALL. The second hot spot I found while watching this video clip was when she was explaining how men change once they get married and she said "he was so cool, then he married you and now he's slightly dumber than a dog" (1:01 Haskins). I agree with this statement because when you first meet the guy you are always wanting to be impressed by the dress, smell, money, and the cool ride. But you don't know how they will be on the inside. So us women need to think before we move too quickly just on the looks.

While watching the bitch video one hot spot I found was when she was explaining what the manic pixie dream girl was she said "we are the inspiration for the troubled, tortured man" (bitch 4:34). I totally agree with this statement usually us women are used for pleasure for the man. They come home and we are expected to bow for them and do what they want. Cook dinner, clean the house and get the kids in the bathtub. When in reality us women work forty hour work weeks too!! The next hot spot I found interesting was when she said males find the manic pixie dream girl to "help them out of their depressed, uptight and dooming state, so they can be happy functioning members of society again" (Bitch 1:35). Not all men do this but the ones that do need to get a grip on themselves. Because us women aren't here to cater them and help them get out of something they got themselves into. Also at the same time us women need to step up and say no.


  1. I like the point you make, that any guy at first is trying to be impressive, and the outside isn't always what's really on the inside. ...though, I don't know if they are 'slightly dumber than dogs." :)

  2. i agree that women work as much as men and they don't need to be responsible for everything.