Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adam Feeley Blog 4

When reading August's Real Men Don't: Anti-Male Bias in English I found it to be very informational to me. Much of the reading was interesting to me because it dealt with the rights of people and how the law views different cases or even genders and with my major being Law it was great to have a view on what was being told. In one case that really caught my eye was "Male victims are simply not news, women and children are"(August 131). I feel like this is very true when it comes to the media and the news about any cases that are being taking place. Most of the things you hear on the news or read in the paper seems to favor one side and it's the females side. When a male becomes a victim of a crime it seems like it's not as big as they make it as when a female is a victim. Another part that I found eye catching to me was the "college brochure defines rape as the universal crime against women"(August 131). When actually not too many people know that men do get raped as well. It was just interesting to see this because lately with the news and cases that are being shown on television are this bias.
In the reading of Deborah Tannen's There is No Unmarked Woman shows how women are being judged just like they talked in August's short story. But they also showed how men are being "marked" kind of like women are being in today's society. I liked the line when she stated "women wear different layers"(Tannen 141). This is true for them to feel a different way about themselves as in clothes and in makeup to feel like they "fit in". I can relate to this in some ways because everyone grows up trying to fit in, in the way they want or try too. Instead, of just being who you are and having people accept you for you.

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