Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kathryn Blog #5 Youtube Videos

     For the first video, "Doofy Husbands: Target Women" the first hotspot I found was during her first main point, she said "spent five years trying to land this guy, mother****er can't even make breakfast. As commercials prove to us, husbands just can't do stuff" (Haskins 0:25). I think this is a point taken to the extreme, husbands deserve so much more credit than what she gives them. Reality is, most men don't cook. If it makes a big deal to a woman, then they'll make sure that they find a man that can cook. I am disappointed by how negatively she treats husbands when they really do a lot for their families and wives. A second hotspot from this video is when Haskins gives clips of commercials that make men look stupid. We all know commercials exaggerate to be funny and get the attention of the viewer. Most men have enough common sense to not leave the steering wheel of a moving vehicle for popcorn. They also don't jump around trying to get the air freshener to spray, in fact, from my personal experiences, most men do not even notice a fragrance change. I think that Haskins really over exaggerates in her video, I know she does so to prove a point, but I think the way she does it almost results in false statements.
     In the video from BITCH magazine I heard my first hotspot when she said "to describe the female character who is written to help the usually white, and definitely straight male hero loosen up and enjoy life" (BITCH 0:50). I am disgusted by this whole video, really. Who is this Hollywood dream girl in real life? They don't exactly exist. In this video she makes it sound like we are all here just to please men, make them happy, and help them enjoy life since they work so hard and are such heroes. She makes it sound like we don't work hard or have struggles in life, that we are all just Barbies who are here to please. A second hotspot is when she lists all of her "evidence" through movies. I found this comical since we all know the phrase "only in the movies". Most movies like the ones she used are made to portray a life situation that isn't real. So, maybe in movies this manic pixie dream girl exists, but not in real life.

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  1. I agree, the way that husbands are portrayed as stupid men in the Doofy Husbands video is ridiculous and not true.