Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exploratory Essays Blog

Not “asserting a thesis too soon” was the first important element of an exploratory essay that I found from our reading (Ramage 105). The book claims that this will help keep the writers mind open to the idea that their first hypothesis on their topic may be incorrect and allows them to change their opinion as the paper builds with the discovery of new information and I would completely agree. In high school the first thing my teachers wanted was a nice, good, strong thesis statement, but I can’t even count how many times I would be actually doing some real research and would stumble across sources contradicting my thesis, which of course, I would exclude entirely form my paper. I definitely like the idea of a delayed thesis.
The second element of an exploratory essay that I found was in the third chapter on page 48. We already discussed it a little in class but recognizing who your audience is and adjusting the angle of vision to paint a specific picture for whoever you’re trying to reach. The Pearson English Reader used the example of describing a party to your parents and then to your best friend (Ramage 48). Most people would definitely have different key events and stories to share with the respective audience.
Taking “Double-Entry” research notes was another important tool I found. This is basically where somebody makes two columns and in the first they write the raw information they found form their source in the second they write their opinion on the information and how it’s changed their original thoughts and predictions. I feel like doing this would also help someone retain the info they find and understand it better by thinking and recording how it effects their original hypothesis.


  1. I found your first sentence to be interesting because when i was in high school i was taught that the first sentence on my essay was supposed to be my thesis statement.

  2. I agree with the audience adjustment. It is crucial to know the audience of your essay so that we can write accordingly to grab that specific readers attention.