Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog #6

After reading Kimmel's "Bros Before Hos": The Guy Code there were many so called hotspots that stood out to me. One of the hotspots that intrigued me was under the subtitle "Being a man Among Men", "Where do young men get these ideas? "Oh, definitely my dad," says Mike, a 20-year-old sophomore at Wake Forest. "He was always riding my ass, telling me I had to be tough and strong to make it in this world"(Kimmel 46). This is a quote that I definitely agree with, because to make it in this world you definitely have to be tough and strong. But, when you say tough and strong that doesn't mean it has to be a physical attribute its more of a mental thing for me, at least in my opinion. It seems to be this way a lot when it comes to a father son relationship. Many fathers seem to be tough on their sons, and they think that in the long run it will help them become tougher and help them make it. Listen, all fathers out there you are definitely wrong, although I don't condone your parenting but ease off!

Another hotspot that I came across while reading was when Kimmel exclaims, "The Guy Code keeps young men from venturing beyond the borders of Guyland. The good guys are silenced, and the predators and bullies are encouraged. hat we need, of course, is exactly the reveres, to empower the silent guys to disable the predators, to facilitate young men's entry into an adulthood propelled by both energy and ethics, and animated by both courage and compassion"(Kimmel 69). I agree very strongly with this quote because this is generally true. It is time for the silent guys to rule, and the bullies to drool!

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  1. I agree, tough and strong means to be mentally tough and stable and to be able to handle situations like an adult.