Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Suheir Hammad Blog #8

Suheir Hammad's Poem was very touching because it put us almost in the scene like we were there using pathos, ethos, and logos. While explaining a scene where she asked a women if she needed help she said "..I put my hand to my head and my head to the dead Iraq children" (1.23 Hammad). This shows ethos and logos because it shows how she is very intrigued with this issue and wants to help in any way that she can. She affects her audience because of her strong points and it gets the audience going and they take her side. She used many examples of pathos but this one really jumped out to me "a women crying in a car parked and stranded I offered comfort a hand she did not see before she said "were gonna burn them so bad"...(Hammad 1.18). This goes to show that at the time it was scary and this is a great example of pathos because it puts a scary image in my head. She had a strong argument that just because she is from the same place as the terrorist doesn't mean she is just like them and she stated she dislike Bin Laden. She is very strong at stating her point and her opinion and it definitely made me side with her. In my opinion us Americans shouldn't assume she had a connection with the attack just because of her nationality and that's what makes her so mad and that's the point she is trying to cross to us. And I definitely side with her, she had a very strong argument.

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  1. I agree with you--I think she shared her argument in a way that people of varying ethnic backgrounds could relate to because of the pain and prejudices they have experienced.