Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tyler Fred blog 2

                After reading pages 64 through 69 in Everything’s A Text, I found a couple specific areas that caught my attention. The first is found in an excerpt from one of Amy Hamilton’s students named Linda. Linda said her first memory about language was “being tortured by cursive writing exercises” (Melzer, Teague 64). Now this is not necessarily relevant to the message of the reading, I just happened to have a personal connection with this because I hated learning cursive. I was forced to learn it in second grade and had to use it every year until middle school and then I have never used it ever again in my life. Not even once. Now the second hotspot I found was in “The Public Side of Personal Literacies” section. Sometimes I make fun of people with accents that are different from mine and have never thought anything of it until today when I read Gloria Anzaldua’s quote saying “So, if you want to really hurt me, talk badly about my language. Ethnic identity is twin skin to linguistic identity. I am my language” (Melzer, Teague 67). I never gave any thought to the idea that when I make fun of someone’s accent I’m not just making fun of that person, but I am also making fun of where they’re from and all the people who talk just like them. It was a sad realization for me but at least I’ll know to be more accepting next time I hear or see somebody who is different than me. 

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  1. The worst part about learning cursive was that the teachers told you that you would have to use it the rest of your life. Complete lie.