Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog #8 Suhier Hammad - Def Jam Poetry - Andrew Cierniak

After running through this video for the first time, I noticed how well she articulated her speech, and how she show emotions. I had to watch it a couple more times to get all of what she was trying to say. She definitely fits the role of a rhetor. She uses logos and pathos mainly, and shows us the side of what she has to deal with. Her emotions show when she talks about how she gets treated differently because of her skin, even though she is American. When she said "one more person asked me if i knew the hijackers." (Hammad 2:11) I felt her emotion, because that is just a horrible thing that people assume that about you just by how you look. Her ethics make great points in how she speaks. She phrases statements very well, and you can feel she really is into what she is talking about. She said "Don't think a people represents an evil" (Hammad 2:25), which is very relative to what she is trying to bring out to people. Of course a people can't all be equally evil, which is what is happening and always has been to different groups of people. I feel that her logos went along with her talking about how is it logical to blame a whole group of people for something. Her statements were clean and made a lot of sense. She is trying to get people to understand what she has to go through for something she had absolutely nothing to do with. Overall, I thought her poem was well articulated, and an eyeopener.

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