Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kathryn McDermott blog #6

     As I was reading "Bros Before Hos": The Guy Code I found multiple points that really stuck out to me. As a girl I don't realize the pressure that is put on guys to be masculine and how easy it is to be judged if they do one thing wrong. One quote that really struck me though is when he said "While women often become a kind of currency by which men negotiate their status with other men, women are for possessing, not for emulating" (Kimmel 47). I found this quote really appalling because we like to be treated right and with respect from men. If a guy treats us wrong to try and prove masculinity, he is not referred to by us as 'manly', he is known as an asshole or a 'douchebag' (sorry for the language). But really, in reality, acting tough is not the way to a girls heart, and we most definitely don't want to be known as your prize and possession.
     A second hotspot that did not quite offend me, but rather I just found interesting is "When they turn to anger and violence it is because these, they believe, perhaps rightly, are the only acceptable forms of emotional expression allowed in them" (Kimmel 54). I found this interesting because I have a little brother and he always resorts to anger unless he is in the comfort of our home. Guys always act tough, and when they fail a test, get harped on by another guy, or have their heart broken, they resort to violence instead of tears in fear of judgement. There was a couple at my high school that had been dating for years and the girl broke up with him after school one day in our commons, the boy was so upset that he ended up crying. If he were at home it would not have been frowned upon, but when guys at school saw him crying, he was instantly and forever judged as a wimp. It saddens me that guys have to hide their emotions, but that seems to be reality.

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