Tuesday, September 20, 2011

blog #5 Michael Parente

In Tropes Vs. Women: #1 Manic Pixie Dream Girl, I had a hard time taking the girl talking serious. Everything she said seemed to be out of sarcasm and it made it hard for me to pick up her points sometimes. But what I got out of it was that the women helped play the part of the male in a movie and they aren’t their own character.  One quote that stuck out to me what when she says “that we can go fix these lone and sad young men so they can go fix the world”(Tropes 4:20) I don’t feel like this is true at all, there not there to help males do things, I have seen many movies in which the women where the main character, Charles Angels duh… I feel like this is also a stab the old “traditional” family, the one where the male is always the breadwinner and that his wife was there to cater to the male. However there are more untraditional families now where the mother has more power in the relationship.

The next video also was basically about how husbands are good for nothing and extremely dumb. A quote that exemplifies this is “this commercial just prove to us that husbands just cant do stuff”(Doofy Husbands). I don’t agree with this statement. I believe that men don’t do certain things well like cook and clean because they usually don’t do these things., This doesn’t mean that they are unable to. Men typically do things like build a deck or mow the lawn. Whenever the wife wants the man to cook and docent make the best meal ever the men are automatically labeled dumb. This is just my personal perspective of the film.

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  1. I agree, Michael. That woman was pretty hard to take seriously. It seemed to me that it was a sarcastic video as well.