Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suheir Hammad Poetry Blog (Tyler Fred)

Suheir Hammad uses poetry and beautiful words to make her argument real and descriptive. She very strongly used pathos, playing on people’s emotions to make a very clear distinction that the stereotype of being a terrorist shown towards any and all Arab people is not only unfair, but also very infuriating for these people. “One more person ask me if I knew the hijackers. One more mother fucker ask me what navy my brother is in. one more person assume no Muslims or Arabs were killed” is one quote she has showing her own distain for these racist stereotypes. By showing her own anger about this issue, Suheir gives personality to her argument. She also tries to make these Arab and Palestinian people look like the everyday people they are by describing her brothers. “Their faces are of the Arab man. All eyelashes and nose and beautiful color and stubborn hair”.
 To show how unfair these stereotypes are, she shared some other terrorist acts such as The Oklahoma City Bomber. “We did not vilify white people when they bombed Oklahoma”, referring to  when caucasian Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people with a car bomb. Also, she makes reference to white supremacist saying “When we talk about holy books, hooded men, and death, why never mention the KKK”. Ms. Hammad very clearly points out that there are many terrorist acts that have taken place in America that were committed by people with no affiliation to an Arab nation. 

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