Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adam Feeley Blog 7

While reading Pearson's I found many important elements in the essay that was written and would be good for advice for writing your own paper. First, I noticed about how personal experiences influence your writing weather you want it too or not. Many write about topics that they can relate to or have examples towards because it is easier to write while relating things to what has happened in your own life. One point that I found was eye catching to me was “The goal of your introduction is to hook your reader’s interest in your chosen problem”(Mercury 110). This is always taught in the middle school's and when you grow up writing papers but I would have to agree that most people can descide or judge a paper in the first paragraph if not the first sentence. Another point that I came across is "effective exploratory writing is to create a tension between alternative views” (Reader 108). I thought this was interesting because for me it has always been difficult to find alternative views to back up your writing. This statement is true and is hard to do while you write essay's and I thought it is one area where I need to work on so I thought this was talking to me. Lastly, I thought that when he said "major concern is to improve their essay's interest level by keeping it focused and lively" was a great point that was stated because I feel like revising is a key part of a person's writing and can make or break a paper if it is taken serious enough.

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  1. I agree with you saying people write about things that they can relate to because it makes it easier and more interesting for the writer and the reader.