Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cayla Lepior Blog #5

             While watching the video “Doofy Husbands: Target Women”, I found it very critical and stereotypical of all males. It categorizes males into the “single men” and “married men”. According to the video, single men are attractive, drive nice cars, drink beer, and can do many things as shown by media today. However, married men are characterized by the media as lazy, stupid and forgetful people standing in the women’s way. In some situations, the husband is the on raising the family and cleaning around the house, not all men are as she describes in her video. She mentions in the video we only need men around the house to “take care of the lawn, produce children, and grill food” which I think is a huge stereotype of men and completely unfair to say.
            While watching “Tropes vs. Women”, I found her entire tone to be really sarcastic towards men. Her criticisms of a common Hollywood character, “manic pixie dream girl” is over exaggerated and quite harsh at times. When she says that Hollywood writers need to start making them “real characters” is quite offensive because in my opinion, not all female characters possess this trait of a pixie dream girl and not all male characters need one. Also, comparing female and male characters based on movies doesn’t really seem like the right way to go because that is not real life. Those movie characters or “manic pixie dream girls” may act in that certain way, but in no way does that make them less of a character or even make the male character more important.


  1. I used the exact same example of the first video where she explain only 3 things men are good at! I think its completely stereotypical but still amusing to listen to. Maybe thats just because im a girl and im not being looked at that way.

  2. I agree with your comment contrasting married and single men. Not all married men are lazy and worthless. But I do agree at the beginning when you first meet the guy he seems perfect of everything and sometimes that changes once you get to know him.