Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Courtney Adams Blog #6

After learning more about the stereotype guys feel they must live up to, within the first couple pages I thought the whole situations was being blown out of proportion, until I read the quote, “In this bestseller, boys were encouraged to fight once a day, except during the first week at a new school, when it was presumed they would fight more often” (Kimmel 57).  I understand that not all guys abide by this rule or even know it exists but the fact that this was ever written is insane to me.  This really hit home because I fear and hate fighting so much that for someone to fight every single day really breaks my heart.  Now that I have read this portion of the chapter I feel I have realized how extreme the pressure guys have on them to be “manly” is.  I’m so happy I’m a girl.
As explained in the reading, there are three Cultures of Guyland, all of which stood out to me.  Through complete silence, the culture of protection worked where everyone turned a blind eye to and ignored the horrible things that were happening.  I had never though of violence this way but now I can see how, “Parents, teachers, girlfriends, school administrators, and city officials make the decision to look the other way, to dismiss these acts of violence as poor judgment or things getting a little out of hand” (Kimmel 63).  I personally have never been in a situation of violence and cannot relate completely because I am a girl.  Looking at the situation, “The culture of silence is the culture of complicity” (Kimmel 67).  This hidden boy code is complex and hard for me to understand.  I find it interesting not only to learn more about Guyland in general but especially these three cultures.

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