Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Bros before Hos" Cassie Wolff

By reading chapter 3 of Guyland by Michael Kimmel I took a greater understanding of the pressures boys encounter while growing up to become men.  Kimmel expresses and gives examples of the different kinds of pressure males go under, such as the right way to walk, talk, think and feel. An example that stuck out to me was a story about what happened at a barber shop. The father of a three and a half boy came home to tell his wife, “... from that moment on the boy would not be spending as much time with her, but instead he would do more sports and other activities with him, ‘to make sure he doesn’t become a sissy’” (Kimmel 52). This stuck with me as I read this story because of the ridiculousness of the father being upset that a barber was making fun of his three and a half year old son. I don’t think it’s right what so ever.
Another line that stuck out to me while reading this chapter was, “No wonder boys are more prone to depression, suicidal behavior, and various other forms of out-of-control or out-of-touch behaviors than girls are” (Kimmel 54). I agree with this statement it appears to me that males do have a lot of pressure to conform into the perfect male. By making sure they act the right way, or walk the right way, or dress the right way or even hide their feelings about some things so they don’t get viewed as a homosexual walking down the street. I think our society has labeled the male and female ways of life way too much… what ever happened to the freedom? Being the way you want to be and it being okay.


  1. The story about the little boy crying at the barber shop was just ridiculous! Who would tell someone that their three year old son is going to be a sissy because he cried? He's only three!

  2. I agree about the little boy in the barber shop. I can't believe a man would expect a little boy to start acting like a man at the age of three! All children cry at that age if they are unhappy about something or if something hurts whether they are a boy or a girl.

  3. Kimmel is right. Statistics have shown that males are much more likely to commit suicide. What is really interesting is when you overlay class, race, age, and sexuality over gender. Men in this age group who are white are more likely to commit suicide than any other group, except one; that same statistic is both bested and multiplied by four if they are gay.

    Why might that be? hmmm...