Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Katy Hanratty Blog #5

Watching the video from Sarah Haskins was I thought funny but very stereotypical.  I agree with a couple statements she says such as “Being a woman isn’t easy.  We work, take care of the house, we raise children…”  I agree that woman do this, however I also believe that men can do this too.  Men are just as capable as women to work, raise children and take care of a household.  This video was very biased towards men.  Sarah made men seem stupid and are no help at all except for simple activities such as yard work and cooking.  Men do this in addition to taking care of children and working.  One of the statements that I disagree with is “This commercials proof to us husbands just can’t do stuff.”  I disagree with this statement because men do a lot of things such as doing the lawn, cleaning gutters, fixing appliances and maybe improving the house.  This video shows the stereotype that men are worthless when it comes to doing work that women usually do.
Watching the Tropes vs. Women video, I thought that she was a little harsh on the writers of Hollywood.  I understand where she is coming from thinking that women are always the ones who are fixing the problems when the guy thinks that his world is coming to an end.  However, there are so many other movies out there where the man is helping the woman get through a problem.  Women are the ones who always want to fix their personal problems not avoid them and I think this is why a woman is always cast as the problem fixer versus a man.  Personally, whenever I have a problem I always go to my girl friends to help me because they always say the right thing and give me the best advice possible.  I never really go to my guy friends because they typically don’t know what the best advice to give is.  One point I do not agree with is when she says “Women are not here for men’s inspiration or celebration or whatever else.”  I don’t believe this because I believe that men and women are inspiration for each other.  There are so many musicians out there who right songs about past relationships or current ones that inspire them enough to write a song about it.  One point I do agree with her on is “Women are musicians, artists, and writers with our own brilliant and creative endeavors.”  I agree with this statement because it is presenting women as an equal to men and that we can just be as equally talented and creative as men can be.

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  1. I completely agree with your first paragraph. Women do help take care of their family but the husband helps out too. Men are capable of taking care of a family.