Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brian Walborn Homework #3

One of the "hotspots" that was extremely clear to me in this section of reading was when Wendy Bishop said: "Because I was neither forced, nor restricted in my education, my drive to obtain a better understanding of all subjects has been fueled by my intrinsic motivation" (Melzer, Coxwell-Teague 67). The reason this statement from Wendy Bishop really stood out to me was because I can definitely relate to this. My sister being a math teacher in a low income school in North Carolina, I understand that people who are raised differently than I was have less motivation to do well in school. For me, I was raised in a completely different area, and I have been motivated to excel in all subjects, similar to Bishop. Another "hotspot" I stumbled across was under the "Putting a Pen to Paper" section. The section that talked about opening a blank document and free writing for 20 minutes caught my attention. I feel like sharing the history of your literacy and trying to remember the first time you read or write could come in handy when attempting to improve your writing skills. Knowing the history of where you learned to write can greatly improve your writing skills.

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