Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adam Feeley Blog 6

While reading "Bro's before Ho's" I found a lot of things very interesting and related to me or things that I have heard of while growing up in school or conversations with friends. One spot that I found funny was the list of ten things a guy should be "built around" (Kimmel 45). Most of those things that were on the list I found funny because as a kid in school you hear about most if not all of them. I like how it starts out with the number 1 rule saying boys don't cry. Most of the things on the list are not true but I feel like number 9 is kind of true or applies to some people. "Nice guys finish last." I thought it was funny because I've heard of so many people being nice to girls or even being there when it happens but it always seems that the "bad" guy or your more typical guy gets the girls. I also feel like growing up around sports and other competitive guys it makes you feel like you have to be "one of those guys" to fit in on a team or even just to have a spot at the lunch table. I also would agree with his statements on page 47(Kimmel) when he talks about growing up idolizing someone like a man figure or someone that you would want to represent you. I feel like more men grow up idolizing more famous sports guys or actors then women do, so it puts more pressure on them as a kid to succeed like them. Not only do guys have to fit in with their own group they are raised to be the bad guy to get the girls which makes it even worse because then girls get the impression that all men are the same, which I have heard a lot lately and it's not true.

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