Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adam Feeley Homework 2

In "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan I feel that she expresses or displays open prose throughout her writing. I believe that it is an open form because she has emotions and talks about her feelings of her mother's language and how she used many different "broken" ways of English. She states that "I was ashamed of her English. I believed that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say"(Tan 114). This shows that she was ashamed or eembarrassed to be around her own mother at times when they were in public, which is a form of open prose, displaying her emotion towards the way her mother spoke. Not only was she embarrassed but she even states that when they went "around town at restaurants nobody would take her serious and would never give them good service"(Tan 114). In this quote you can feel her mood towards the people in town that never took her serious just by the way she talked, which is not right.
I believe that this is directed towards anybody who is trying as hard as possible to fit in with their own group of friends or having a hard time just trying to find out who they want to be. The quote "Math is precise there is only one correct answer. Whereas for me atleast the answers on English tests were always a judgement call"(Tan116). I see in this as if there is not just one right way you can do things or just one group you can fit in with, there are alot of different kinds of people out there just like there are alot of answers. It feels like an essay because you can relate it to your own life experiences.

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