Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adam Feeley Homework 3

The first hotspot I saw that caught my eye was the different speeches from Malcolm X. I feel like it sounds like a politician speaking, when he goes from Harvard Law to Detroit he adapts to the type of audience he is speaking too (Melzer-Coxwell11).  I feel like politicians do this from each campaign speech they deliver because with each state they go to the subject changes. For example, speaking in Ohio about jobs would appeal to Ohio voters but maybe not the voters in Texas whereas they would speak about boarder control and it would appeal to them more. The second hotspot that I thought was interesting was the Coca-Cola ads. They appealed to because it was neat to see how over time companies adapted to the environment and what was popular at that time. Over time you can see how Coca-Cola changed from the everyday life to using athletes to sell their drinks (Melzer- Coxwell 25).
Another thing that caught my eye was how writers incorporate mediums into their writing. Mediums are channels in that particular message to deliver a certain message (Melzer-Coxwell 16). Many ways of using mediums are in photos, books, magazines and they attract to the reader because in most cases they make the reading more interesting. There were many hotspots that I came across but I choose these because I can relate or I thought they were interesting to talk about and dealt with things in my life.


  1. i like how you connected malcolm x's style of changing his speech due to his audience to present day politicians and how they do the same. right on right on

  2. I like your example about the speaking to voters of Ohio would not appeal to the people in Texas. It related well to what you said about Malcolm X.