Monday, September 12, 2011

Whitney Daugherty Homework #2

The excerpt from Mos Def's "Dollar Day" was very interesting, the way he used rap to express his feelings was very neat. In my opinion when people put things into raps or songs it's a lot easier to remember and understand. The way he rhymed made it more interesting and gave it a beat which is easier to read. His point was to make a strong political message about president Bush and the war in Iraq. He reflects on it by saying "killions to waste on war" (Def 21). He is trying to get his audience to be about it and not talk about it and he aims towards teenagers and young adults so they can better understand it. At the end he tells his audience "Don't talk about be about it" (Def 21). Which is basically giving them a heads up about what is happening. I found this interesting because me as a young adult it caught my eye and I feel like I should pass it on.

While reading chapter one in the Pearson book I came across concept two and thought it was interesting. The concept is "good writers address problems rather than topics" (Ramage, Bean, Johnson 10). Basically what they are saying is that instead of a thesis statement it is better to have a thesis questions. A thesis question is better because it propells the writers thinking. As a reader I would rather have a question at the end of the introduction than a statement because I will be trying to answer it through out the time i'm reading the essay. This also makes it easier for the writer because it has the readers attention and has them curious toseek the problem. The reason I found this interesting and I chose to write about it is because I have honestly never thought about this idea and I totally agree with everything Bean, Johnson and Ramage had to say. A question would better catch my attention rather than a statement anytime.

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