Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Katy Hanratty Homework #3

The first “hot spot” I noticed when reading Everything’s a Text was “Writing is a complex, multi-layered process that can include both the personal and the academic.” (Melzer Coxwell-Teague 64).  I related to this passage because I agree with it a lot.  Writing can be so versatile.  You can write a research paper for a class about the genocide in Sudan, you can write a personal narrative on your family, or you can write a fiction story for fun.  Writing can simply be for personal enjoyment or for a grade in your English class.  This statement explains that writing does not only have to be about writing a research paper, or writing a paper for school, but writing for yourself.
The second “hot spot” I saw when reading Everything’s a Text was “I have found when students begin by writing about their lives and language use, they begin to see and understand themselves and their place within culture in new and interesting ways” (Melzer Coxwell-Teague 66).  I believe this statement because I think that when people start to write about themselves they come to get to know themselves better.  Anytime I write about myself I understand my life more.  Numerous amounts of people come into their own self in a way.  When you write about yourself, you might start to realize more of who you are as a person.  Many people might feel more comfortable with themselves after writing about themselves because writing is a form of expressing yourself.  I feel that when you express yourself you learn more about yourself.  

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  1. I love your first insight about how writing is "multi-layered". It's nice to just write in a journal sometimes and feel no pressure for a grade or others judging your writing, just time with you and your thoughts. In another perspective it's also nice to write a research paper about something that goes straight to your heart and you have relations to.