Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homework #3

After reading pages 64-69 in Everything's a text I came across two particular hotspots that stuck out to me. The first hotspot in which I discovered was when Wendy Bishop defines personal literacy as "the story of coming into language, of learning how to read and write, of learning what reading and writing mean in one's life"(Bishop 65). After reading this quote I felt that it was very important because without reading or writing you are illiterate, and being illiterate means that you aren't able to do much. Being able to read and write are one of the two most important aspects in life. These things can help you accomplish so much in life, and they are one of the first two things that you learn at an early age as the base of your education. Reading and writing are basically the founders of your education. The second hotspot that I discovered while reading was a question asked in the text. "Who's the storyteller in your family? Relate a story frequently told. How has that person/story influenced you?"(Melzer, Coxwell, Teague 66). After reading this question I thought back to my dad, and how his stories about my grandparents and the holocaust have really influenced me. His stories not only informed me about past history, but about relatives who I had little to no time getting to know. Without him telling the stories of my past relatives they would have never lived through him and got past to me. It is very important to use literacy through stories and past experiences so that because of this they never really die.

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  1. I completely agree with your statement about without reading or writing we would be illiterate. It makes me think of people who don't know how to read or write and how they are essentially illiterate, this just means it makes it harder for them to get jobs or even accomplish every day tasks and it makes me feel sorry for them.