Sunday, September 11, 2011

Michael Parente Homework #2

After reading the first chapter in both Everything’s A Text and English, there were four main excerpts that stood out to me. In the book Everything’s A Text while discussing the definitions of literacy this quote particularly stood out, “It’s just as important to learn to “read” a photo, song, or television show as it is to read words on a page or the screen” (Melzer, Coxwell-Teague 3). This is important because there are many ways that stories can be told other then words on a page, it is equally important to be able to look at an image and be able to have it tell a story just like you would be able to do reading a book. Mediums and its effects on messages being portrayed, “The medium that a composer uses to deliver her message affects every aspect if the content of a message” (Melzar, Coxwell-Teague 16).  It is crucial for a composer to get the tone across to whom ever is receiving his or her message.  Using different mediums can either make or break composition within a piece of literature. An example of this is on page 16-17 in Everything’s A Text when comparing the novel The return of the king, and the script The Return of the King.

In the book English while discussing the elements for closed-formed prose, it states, “An explicit thesis in the introduction that informs readers of the point of the whole essay” (Reader 4).  While it is important to state what the essay is about, I personally don’t believe that the thesis has to be stated in the introduction always, I feel that is the composer should be able to let the audience know what the main point is without stating it.  On the other hand open-form prose is more of my style, “Although open-formed prose dose not announce its thesis and support it with reasons and evidence, it still has a focus” (Reader 5). This way of composing is much more interesting to me because I feel like it gives the author his or her own style. Rather then stating a thesis and listing out evidence the composer gets to create a new unique style while still having a strong focus.


  1. I completely agree that there are so many other ways that a story can be told than just written on a page and that images can tell a story all by themselves without ever having it described in words.

  2. Yes! I definitely think that closed form prose has its value and importance in English, but I love the freedom and depth that comes from open form prose. It completely adds a level of personality to an author's writings.

  3. I agree with what you said about stories being told in different ways. It's so much more interesting to read and observe different forms of writing, not just the standard writing on a page.