Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maura Weir Homework #3

In reading pages 64-69 in Everything's a Text i found four hot spots. One of the hot spots i found was the quote "They have nonetheless had their own worlds to grow up in and they arrive on our campuses as young adults, with opinions and languages and plans already in their minds" (Melzer, Shaugnessy 65.) This stuck out to me because i just arrived on a campus as a young adult and now i have to learn how to depend on myself and get away from always reaching out to my parents for handouts and always relying on them to fix my problems. Another hot spot o came across was “Writing is a complex, multi-layered process that can include both the personal and the academic.” (Melzer Coxwell-Teague 64). I found this interesting because in high school i always had to write to get a good grade on a paper. I never had time to write something personal for myself. I don't even think i know how to express something for myself. Now that i am in college and have a lot more alone time i think i am going to start writing to express my ideas and whats on my mind. The third hot spot that i  discovered while reading was a question asked in the text. "Who's the storyteller in your family? Relate a story frequently told. How has that person/story influenced you?"(Melzer, Coxwell, Teague 66). When i was reading this i immediately thought about my grandma. She is always telling me stories about how i acted when i was little, how i looked, or even the funny things i would say as a child. The last hot spot i came across was the quote “I would invite you to think about what experiences, both positive and negative, have shaped your understanding or misunderstanding of literacy” (Melzer, Coxwell-Teague 67). This caught my eye because last year i wrote a really bad research paper. As my teacher was grading it he called me up to his desk and told me that it was my worst writing. I was shocked because i thought i did a good job on it. When i reread my paper i realized it was not my best and that i could write better. The next paper i wrote i thought about the comments he made on my last paper and i wrote an A paper!

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