Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maura Weir homework #2

While reading chapter one in Everythings a Text i found this hot spot, “When you compose in college and beyond, your audience with always influence the way you compose and what you say” (Melzer Coxwell-Teague 13). This stuck out to me because of the class discussion about Malcom X. He made his writings based on his different audiences. It is very important to write for a particular audience. I believe it is very important to know who you are writing to. When you write to a particular audience the audience will find the material much more interesting. They will stay focused on your writing. Your writing will be much more interesting to the audience if it is written towards them. Another hot spot i found was the coca cola advertisement from the 1980s. I found it cool that coca cola made an add that showed how blacks and whites were equal.
     While reading chapter one of Pearson Custom Library English Mercury Reader i found this hot spot stated by John C. Bean, June Johnson and John D. Ramage, “writers write because they have something new or surprising or challenging to say in response to a question,” (Bean, Johnson and Ramage 8). I found this interesting because in high school i used thesis statements to start writing my papers but i never even thought to use a question. From reading this quote i noticed that a question could open up so many new ideas to write your paper. It opens you to multiple view points. It also gets the reader involved and they can have their own opinion about your paper.

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