Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homework #3

One "hotspot" I found while reading was what Terry Williams writes for. He said "I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change.." (Williams 68). I found this interesting because sometimes when I write I enjoy writing about my day or things I would like to change because it's a stress relief. Williams kind of relates to this in this sentence. Most of the reasons Williams writes are very similar to the reasons I write, which is pretty neat. While writing my mind kind of opens up and lets all of my ideas and thoughts of the day kind of pour out onto paper and it's interesting to go back and read what you've written in the past. Like in journals and things like that, in my opinion it makes you a better person because you write down your faults of the day and fix those in the next day.

A second "hotspot" I found while reading the text was when Linda was asked to reflect on one of her earliest memories with language and one of her responses were "I can't remember when I learned to read..but I do remember being tortured by those cursive exercises" (Linda 64). The reason this is a hotspot to me is because this goes with what I experienced. I have no idea when I began to read but I do remember being tortured to sing the color songs everyday in class and remember those. The reason I think this is and I may be wrong is because reading is something everyone needs to know and basically if you don't know how to read then you can't really do much in life. Outside of people with disorders and other disabilities.

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