Sunday, September 18, 2011

Contrasting Men and Women, Blog #4

While reading the article by August it's mostly about things being bias toward men. A couple things that resonate with my personal experience was when this topic came up August says "when the suspect is unknown, he or she is usually presumed to be a he" (August 137). This is so true because when we got our dirt bikes stolen when I was younger, the cops showed up to our house and basically told us it was a man for sure. But come to find out it was a man but also a women was helping him do the vandalism. So therefore it isn't always the man, but I totally agree with that statement. An example where this idea contradicts my personal experience is when August says "as evidenced by the awarding of child custody to mothers in 90% of divorce cases" (August 136). I disagree with this statement because when my parents were divorced my dad saw me for a week then I went to my moms for a week. Also in many other cases I have seen similar to the same thing. In some parts of August's arguments i'm convinced but by others I am not, it's about half and half.

While reading the article by Tannen it's about how women are not unmarked. One example where I agree totally with this and by personal experience is while Tannen was at a small conference she said "instead of concentrating on the discussions I found myself looking at the three other women at the table" (Tannen 140). Most women are guilty of this and I know men are as well. Because women are usually judged by their appearance, while men aren't and they don't get studied. Women are responsible for doing their hair, makeup and dress good while their shoes match well. An example where this contradicts my personal experience is when Tannen said "the women who wore flat, laced shoes arrived first" (Tannen 143). This isn't true because my mom wears heels all the time and it doesn't affect her any different than when she wears flats. Tannen's arguments convinced me because I had a hard time finding anything that contradicted my personal experiences, most everything he said was true.


  1. Wow, i really liked all of your examples because they really relate to you personally and relate exactly to what was being said in both of the texts!

  2. I really agree with what you said about women being judged by their appearance and are often "studied" by other women and men. It's so true and I definitely notice it all the time!