Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog #2 Michael Parente

Literacy has always been a challenge for me. I have viewed literacy as a structured part of English with strict rules that you cannot break and if you did not follow the rules you receive a bad grade. However, now with a better understanding as to what literacy really is, I don’t fear or feel anxious about literacy like I used to.

In the book Everything’s A Text it states, “Writing is a complex, multi-layered process that can include both the personal and the academic” (Melzer, Coxwell-Teague 64). I never thought I could use my personal experiences to help my literacy grow. To me this means that when writing literacy’s you do not have to choose between being personal or being educational. Instead you combine both personal style and the information you need to give to create your personal literacy. Then your literacy will have its own twang and still be informational at the same time. 

I have never thought to write about myself before as I have always been told what to write about.  Whether it be for a class or application writing about myself just wasn’t in the agenda. “By writing about your own lives and literacy’s, you should both build confidence as a writer and be more willing to explore what you think and feel about yourself and the world around you”(69).  Not only will this technique make you feel more secure about yourself mentally but also this will be a great aspect of your writing career.  In my personal life this advice helps me greatly as I have not always wanted to think about writing and my life in the same thought.  If I begin to write more about myself and what surrounds me I feel that my writing skills will become stronger because my writing will mean more to me.  Also, my confidence level will increase if I develop stronger writing skills. 

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